Application Directions:

1. Clean surface with alcohol to remove wax, oil or dust particles. Then wipe with clear water and let dry. 

2. Lay the decal face up on a table or hard flat surface & rub the entire decal with the sharp edge of a credit card with firm pressure to insure adhesion to the application tape.

3. Peel the tape and decal away from the paper backing. Hold the decal in position and stick the top or one side. Rub the entire area one side to the other using your fingertips or the sharp edge of a credit card. 

4. REMOVE THE APPLICATION TAPE by pulling gently in a downward position. If a part of the decal starts to come up away from the surface rub it back down while the tape is still on, then proceed to remove the tape.


Note: The decals will not adhere to a surface that has been waxed. Remove all wax and residue with a cloth dampened with denatured alcohol before application. The decals are cut to be applied to the outside.

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Camp Joy Car Decals

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