Affiliate Information

What is an Affiliate Account?

Affiliate accounts are ways for churches, agencies, or individuals to gain gift cards for referring customers to the ARPBookstore. After creating an Affiliate Account with us, you can put a tracking link on your website. If people click the link then purchase something on the ARPBookstore, you receive a 5% commission. After every $10 you make, the ARPBookstore will send a $10 Gift Card to your registered email which can be used at any time and does not expire. Your Affiliate Account is not connected in any way to your personal ARPBookstore account.

How do I register for an Affiliate account?

You can request an Affiliate Account by clicking here. After you request an account, we will either deny or accept your request and you will be notified by email once your account has been activated.

How do I earn commission?

In order to earn commission for your referrals you must place a tracking link provided by us onto your website. When customers click the link and buy something in the ARPBookstore, 5% of their total purchase will be awarded to your account. These tracking links are available after your account is activated. You can access these tracking codes by logging in and clicking Get Your Custom Tracking Code.

Where do I put the tracking code?

Affiliate tracking codes are available in multiple styles. After you pick the one you want, please give the link in the textbox to your website manager. We have no restrictions as to where you put the link on your website. If your website manager has any problems with the code they can contact Becca Duran at or 864.233.2491. You can also create your own, but do remember that you have to have your special tracking link in the code or we will not be able to track your referrals.

How do I cancel my Affiliate Account?

You can cancel your affiliate account at any time. To do so, please contact Becca Duran at or 864.233.2491 with your account details.

How do I receive payment?

When you earn $10 in commission, you will receive a gift card to the ARPBookstore. This gift card will be emailed to your provided email. It does not expire and can be used to purchase anything in the ARPBookstore. Subsequent gift cards will be accredited in the same way in increments of $10.

Who can request for an Affiliate Account?

Anyone with a website or blog can request an Affiliate Account. However, depending on your site matter, we reserve the right to accept or deny any request at our sole discretion. This program has been especially designed for churches and agencies of the ARP, but we are open to individuals and other denominational churches or agencies.

Who do I contact for further questions?

If you have any questions regarding Affiliate Accounts please direct your questions to Becca Duran at or 864.233.2491.