How do you price books?

Here at the ARPBookstore, we strive to be under the Amazon.com prices. We do this because our goal is to get resources available to those in the churches, not to gain a profit. Therefore, we have accounts with different publishing companies who are able to give us 40-45% discount off the retail price of all the books we purchase through them. We then sell books in the ARPBookstore up to 30% off the retail price. The 15% profit goes back into the ARPBookstore to run the software, domain fees, and to get new resources into the Bookstore.

How do I find a book?

Using the search bar is the easiest way to find items at the ARPBookstore. At this current point in time you can only search for books by Title, by Tag (study questions, men, women, hope, love, etc), or by ISBN number. We are currently working on adding search tools so that you can find a book by Author as well.

Another way to search is to manually go through the different categories you find on the Menu bar. If a category has a subcategory you will find a blue box underneath the page's title that you can click and be directed to that subcategory i.e. Under Women in the Christian Living category there is a blue button to direct you to this year's Women's Study Books.

Can I save a book to look at later?

If you are not ready to purchase your book, you can save the book to look at later. On each product page underneat the price there is an "Add to Wishlist" link. If you click that, the product will save to your wishlist which you can access at anytime by going to "My Account" > "Wishlist" or by clicking here.

I bought an e-book or downloadable product. Where can I find it?

You can access your downloads by logging in and going to "My Account". There, under "Orders" you will find "Downloads". Any products you have downloaded appear there. You can also access the page by clicking here.

My download page says "You have not made any previous downloadable orders!" Now what?

Every download you purchase has 2 available downloads as per our ARPBookstore policy. Please check your downloads folder on your computer to make sure you have not previously downloaded the product. If you simply cannot find the download on your computer, please contact us here and we would be glad to work with you.

Do you offer subscriptions for the Adult Quarterly?

At the current time we only offer a subscription for the Adult Quarterly for our print copies. You can sign up for a subscription of the Adult Quarterly for your church or for yourself by clicking here You can also update your current subscription by clicking here.

What are your delivery and payment options?

Except for the Adult Quarterly subscriptions, we only ship our books through the USPS. For our kinds of options and the time of arrival, please visit this page.

We offer three different payment options for our bookstore: check, credit card, or cash on delivery. Our credit card option is completely PCI compliant and accepts most major credit cards.

How can I order books?

You can order books through www.arpbookstore.com by selecting the books you want by clicking "Add to Cart" and then clicking "checkout" at the top of any page. You can also call into the office at 864.233.2491 to place your order.

How do I apply my coupon or gift card?

You can use your coupon or gift card code by applying them on the Shopping Cart page or during Step 5 of checkout.