• Deuteronomy: More Grace More Love

What does an Old Testament book about the lawof God haveto do with life today? Much! In fact, studying Deuteronomy is essential for every believer not just because it is part of the whole counsel of God but because it invades our lives in a way that corrects and redirects for Gospel living.With the helpof the Holy Spirit, a careful studyof Deuteronomywill expose every secret place inthe heart. Thatis because Deuteronomy constantlyforces every Christian to ask, Am I truly livingwithin the realityof the Kingdom of God out of love for and in response to the grace of God? Therefore, faithful application of Deuteronomy’s principles will producea community of people that willprovoke one’s surrounding culture to ask, Who arethese people to havea God so near and laws so great? (Dt. 4:5-8). This 24 chapter Bible study is great for individuals, small groups, or WIC circles! Separate study guide with questions and answersis available.

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Deuteronomy: More Grace More Love

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