• Genesis: Let Grace Begin

By Will Hesterberg-PCA. It has been said that every major doctrine of any importance in the Bible finds its roots in Genesis. To understand God, ourworld, and ourselves, we must begin at the beginning - in Genesis. Without a solid understanding ofGenesis, we are lost; we are coming into the middleof the story. It is in Genesis that we learn abouthow God made us, His purpose for us, and His unrelenting love for His rebellious children. Here wediscover the spring of God's covenant that widensfrom a trickling stream to an overflowing riverofgrace throughout the remainder of the Bible tobring Christ's blessing to people from every language,tribe, and nation.

Here too we learn about some of the great early saints of the faith - Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, real peoplewith their share of weaknesses and mistakes. Butmore importantly we see regular glimpses of God'sgrace manifested to them and their families. And we see Christ mirrored in their circumstances and character. Through God's faithful pursuit of His people in Genesis, we find hope that God will also workin and through us and that we can also reflectourLord Jesus to those around us. Contains questionsat the end of each chapter. This study of Genesis is an inductive interactive Bible study designedin a workbook format to enable you to get into God’s Word and into a growing relationship withGod.It is designed for individual or group study.

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Genesis: Let Grace Begin

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